Thinking of visiting friends in South Africa? Or do you plan to move and settle down permanently? Immigration chest X-rays are a must if you are applying for South African temporary visas that exceed 3 months. In fact, you need to submit a complete medical and radiology report, so officials can assess your health status. Anything amiss and your visa will not be issued.

Which visas need a medical and radiology report?

If you are applying for the following in South Africa, then this report is a must:

Work visa
Family visa
Long stay temporary visa
Business visa
Permanent residency

In case, you are applying for these visas, you don’t require a report:

Tourist visa that doesn’t exceed 3 months
Business visitors visa
Short term work visa
Children under the age of 12 and pregnant women don’t have to undergo any x-ray examination.

What is the purpose of these reports?

As mentioned above, the reason for medical and radiology reports is to determine if an individual is admissible to South Africa based on their health status. The report is given to the Department of Home Affairs.

You have to talk to your general practitioner who will help to fill out the medical form. The radiology form has to be completed at your local hospital. Always remember to carry your passport or any documents that state your ID. Please ensure each section is filled out correctly, as a slight error can mean the forms won’t be valid and you might have to re-start the process. Immigration chest x-rays are conducted to check if you have tuberculosis. Please bear in mind that if you are the applicant, you need to apply in person – no 3rd parties can be involved in filling out forms.

How long is the report valid?

Medical and radiology reports are only valid for 6 months, so make sure you plan your visit accordingly. The Department of Home Affairs won’t accept reports after the time period has relapsed. That is why it is advisable to finish this process closer to the time of submission.

How much does it cost you?

A normal consultation fee has to be paid to your general practitioner, along with charges for getting the x-ray done at a local hospital or clinic. Some places don’t accept medical aid – you have to pay the cash upfront before the examination. In case you require copies of your x-ray, you need to inform prior to the session, and a separate fee could be charged for it. The charges vary depending upon the place.

Once the examination is done, and reports are collated, they are directly sent with a signed letter to Home Affairs. The report is usually generated in about a couple of days. If there is an issue with your x-ray due to an underlying medical condition, you will be informed about it. Keep all necessary documents handy, along with the medical report, chest x-rays, and other papers, so you can produce them as and when required.

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