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A radiological report is required in respect of every prospective immigrant 12 years of age and over as evidence of your good health, mainly to check if you have Tubercolosis. The results of an applicant’s health status will determine whether an applicant is admissible to south Africa.

When you need to get a chest x-ray for immigration purposes, make sure you have all your visa application documents ready.

Professional Medical Service

Your chest x-ray results only remains valid for a period of 6 months and the department of Home Affairs will not accept it should it be older than 6 months. It is always best to complete this process closer to the time of submission to avoid disappointment.

Which Visas require a radiology report?

- South African Work Visas

- South African Family Visas

- South African Long Stay Temporary Visas

- South African Business Visas

- South African Permanent Residency

What to bring to have a chest x-ray done?

An identity document/ Passport.

Are there any costs involved?

Yes, a charge of R500 is required to be paid prior the examination. Unfortunately we do not accept medical aid for this particular examination, it is performed strictly on cash payment.

Should you require a copy of of your x-ray images, you need to inform the radiographer when you are having an examination.

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