Panoramic Dental X-rays

A panoramic dental X-ray creates a single image of the entire mouth: the upper and lower jaws, their temporomandibular (TMJ) joints, all the teeth, the nasal area and sinuses. This image provides a flat representation of the jaw’s otherwise curved structure, making it easier to analyze each part.

SK Radiology offers affodable Panoramic Dental X-ray services and for your convinience, we also accept cash and medical aids (acceptability based on individual plan)

Panoramic Dental X-rays

Time Taken

The entire process is quick, easy and completely painless, lasting about 30 seconds. In addition, a panoramic x-ray is only recommended every 3-5 years. Many medical aid plans allow benefits for this procedure but for those that do not, the out of pocket cost is also affordable since it only occurs every few years.

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