1. X-rays are used in many ways.
X-rays have been used in the art world to examine paintings, discovering rough sketches and even other paintings beneath a visible surface. They reveal the truth about priceless artifacts, such as ancient Egyptian mummies or fossils, without damaging them. X-rays are used to look into space, gaining insight far beyond our solar system.

2. X-rays have advanced medical treatments.
X-rays revolutionized tuberculosis treatments. Chest X-rays allowed physicians to detect shadows on the lungs earlier, making tuberculosis treatments more effective due to early diagnosis. X-rays were also used to burn off moles early in their history. Today, X-rays (radiotherapy) are used to treat some forms of cancer.

3. X-rays are among the oldest and most useful medical technology.
Because x-rays have been around so long, and have such amazing uses in imaging, they are often called the most useful medical advancement. Despite multiple technological advancements in imaging, X-rays are still the most common form of imaging used by medical professionals.

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